Behavior Medicine and Training

We are excited to announce that Hopewell Animal Hospital will be working with Behavior Vets NYC  to provide behavior medicine and therapy to clients at Hopewell Animal Hospital starting in January 2021!

Behavior problems can greatly diminish the quality of life of our pets and of course, their human companions.  In fact, behavior problems are a leading cause of euthanasia and pet abandonment.   In order to strengthen the human animal bond, we are pleased to welcome the staff of Behavior Vets NYC into Hopewell Animal Hospital.

Does your dog growl or snap at the vet? Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs? Does your dog bark and whine when left alone? Does your dog growl when you go near their food or touch their things? Has your dog bitten anyone? Are you dealing with a hyper-active dog that cannot settle in the house?

With the addition of veterinarians specialized in behavior medicine and a team of behaviorists, we will be first hospital in Dutchess County to be able to offer a full complement of behavioral services.

Our one-of-a-kind team of Behavior Vets, certified dog behavior consultants, and certified dog trainers is dedicated to helping people and pets enjoy life together. Be blown away by the power of trust and communication, achieved by evidence-based methods of training.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We take a unique team approach to helping our clients, and you’ll find no team like ours anywhere in the Tri State area.
  • Serious behavior issues often have medical components, as many medical issues (such as those causing pain or hormonal imbalances, for example) can result in behavioral problems. Typical approaches to behavior modification and dog training ignore the medical side of the equation, leading to disappointing results.
  • When needed, our behavior vets can diagnose and treat medical issues contributing to behavior problems, and add diet, supplement, or pharmaceutical support to your pet’s behavior training plan. This means faster results from your training, whether you do the training yourself or you choose to have one of our certified behavior consultants train your pet for you.
  • We create customized behavior training plans for you and your pet.


In 2020, our practice expanded into Westchester, Putnam, Duchess and Fairfield Counties, creating behavioral wellness for hundreds of animals and peace of mind for their families. To better serve our suburban clients, a Behavior Consultant will be available on Tuesdays, starting January 5, 2021, at the Hopewell Animal Hospital.


There is literally no time like the present to ask for support.  To schedule an appointment, please ask us for information or directly call or email Behavior Vets.


To schedule an appointment:

EMAIL: NYC@BEHAVIORVETS.COM             PHONE:646-661-1001