HAH is excited to offer grooming for dogs.  Due to COVID restrictions we are limiting our grooming to Fridays only.

Please contact the office by phone, email or via our app to set up an appointment.


Meet our Groomer

Dana started grooming dogs over 15 years ago.  Inspired by her love of animals, Dana wanted to learn how to groom her own dogs and this took a huge turn and became a career.  “My heart is with the seniors”. “I love grooming them to remind them how gorgeous they are and to bring back memories of their younger days”.  Dana’s motto is that I treat all animals that I groom like my own.  Big or Small I groom them all!!!!



Our Grooming Policy


To ensure the safety of your pet and those in our facility we will require the following vaccinations to be up to date:




Fecal examination

If we are not your regular veterinarian, proof of vaccination is acceptable.  Vaccination titers are acceptable as long as they have been performed within the last 12 months.  If your pet is in need of a booster vaccination and the vaccine is not more than 4 months overdue one of our doctors can give the vaccine and perform our usual examination process (additional fees involved).  Grooming patients will not be admitted if  vaccinations are significantly overdue.  Patients with no prior vaccination history or those that are greater than 4 months past due must receive the vaccination a minimum of 1 week prior to staying for grooming.

If we find fleas on your pet we will treat them with a short acting medication so they do not infect other pets. We will charge you for the treatment.

Reward Stamps

If you use our app (and we encourage everyone to use it), you will receive a stamp each time your pet is groomed.  These stamps may be redeemed for savings on future grooming appointments or any other offer that we may have.


Intake and Discharge

When your pet comes in for grooming, we will have you fill out a release form and the groomer will personally intake your pet so you may tell them exactly what you would like done, during the time your pet is with us, we will give you updates, even if it just a note saying they are resting comfortably waiting their turn.  We can send these up dates via app, text, or phone call – your choice!!  At pick up the groomer will discharge your pet, if there are any medical issues noted we will let you know at that time.