Introducing Hills to Home!


Are you currently using Hills products including Science Diet,  Prescription diet, or    Healthy Advantage ?   Hopewell Animal Hospital has partnered with Hills to provide you the ability to purchase food directly from Hills, no middle man, no food sitting in storage and lower cost to you.  Our prices are set up to be the same as the online retailers with 1 major exception:  Unlike other online retailers, we are able to offer you a 30% discount on your first autoship and then continued discounts.  There is no minimum for free shipping and unlike the other guys you will not be inundated with advertisements.  With this program your trusted veterinarian sets up and will monitor your pets dietary plan, you will interact directly with Hills for payment and to arrange free shipping.   Returns are also handled directly with Hills, as with all Hills products, the food is guaranteed 100%.   Follow this link get started!!