PRP preparation steps

Step 1: We obtain the blood sample, we will use sterile technique to obtain blood from the jugular vein.   We will shave an area under the chin and use surgical preparation to clean the skin before we take the blood sample.








Step 2: We will remove about 50 ml of blood (just under 2 ounces).  This is not a problem to take this much blood from a healthy dog.  We may take less blood if we are only treating 1 or 2 joints or ligaments.








Step 3: While we are taking the blood sample we are mixing the blood with an anti-coagulant to prevent the blood from clotting and not activating the platelets.








Step 4: The blood is then placed in a special chamber which will allow us to separate the different components of blood.  This allows us to ultimately remove only the platelets.








Step 5: Because the centrifuge that the sample is placed into spins so fast, the sample and the counter balance must be very closely matched in weight.

Water used as counter balance










Step 6: The blood sample and the counter balance are placed in a specially designed centrifuge and using precision settings the blood is centrifuged for several minutes.







Step 7:  After centrifugation, the platelet rich plasma is removed, being careful not to add any red blood cells to the product.









Step 8: The concentrated sample is then placed in another concentrating device and this sample is also carefully weighted and counterbalanced.








Step 9:  The final sample is then obtained from the second concentration device and is ready to inject into the needed area.