Useful Links

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chi Institute   This  is the website of the school where Dr. Buchanan has received much of her training, also on this website is a good general introduction to Chinese Medicine.

Dog2Doc This is a great resource for aspects of TCVM on veterinary medicine in general but neurology in particular.  It is run by Dr. R. Clemmons who is a board certified veterinary neurologist as well as a TCVM practitioner.

Government Sites

FDA  This is the main page for recalls, on this site you can also find information about human product recalls as well.

CDC  This is the website of the Center for Disease Control, this area discusses zoonotic diseases.

AAFCO This site explains feeding trials and different ingredients.

FDA  This is a link to a fact sheet on the safety of the Isoxazoline class of flea and tick products such as Nexgard, Credellio, and Simparica Trio.

DEA This link allows you to find the nearest location  to dispose of unwanted or unused medications

General Veterinary Information

Veterinary Information Network  This is the public version of a website and listserv that Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Scheck use often.

Endocrinology  This website discusses endocrine problems such as diabetes, cushings disease, and thyroid problems.

Veterinary Nutrition This is the website for the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, this site is maintained by specialists in the field of nutrition.

American Veterinary Medical Association The website of the professional arm of veterinary medicine, on this site you can find information on careers, education, and some other resources.

American Heartworm Society This site has a tremendous amount of information on heartworm disease and the current standards for prevention and treatment of the disease.

Worms and Germs  This site covers all things parasitic.

IRIS Kidney Grading  This site helps to understand the grading of kidney disease in both dogs and cats.  It also explains why some tests are needed.

Orthopedic post operative rehabilitation  This site gives great, step by step information on at home rehabilitation exercises.

Hopewell Animal Hospital’s Library and video how to’s  Of course, we trust this site, it has lots of great stuff check it out, also perform a search in our search window as we have written lots of stuff.  We also have a really cool blog as well.

Local Parasite information  This site allows you to search on certain infectious diseases by zip code and region.  It also can give the number of cases that have been diagnosed in you county.

Pet Health Network  This site has loads of information about general pet healthy.


Tufts Veterinary School Nutrition Department This site gives good information about reading pet food labels, how to select a food and feeding tips

Veterinary Oral Health Council  This website gives a listing of all oral hygiene products that have been shown to work. Only use products with their seal.

Hopewell Animal Hospital You Tube Channel Our newest endeavor, we will be posting how to videos for different medical procedures that we ask you to do.

Pet Loss Support Line  Resources for emotional support concerning the loss of a pet.

Final Gift  Resources for pet memorial products

Rabies Aware Information on state rabies laws as well as current case reports

Pet Safety

Pet Poison control This website has useful information on animal poisonings, there is a fee to consult with a specialist.

ASPCA Poison center  The website of the ASPCA poison hotline, there is also a fee for consultations.

Center for Pet Safety  This group evaluates harnesses and kennels for safety.

Tick Report   For a fee, this company will identify and test ticks for diseases.  We can then treat your pet for these diseases if indicated.

Things we support

Puppies Behind Bars  A local program that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for veterans.

F.A.V.O.R.   A program through Dutchess County Government, that provides discounts for veterans of all services as well as reservist and National Guard who were honorably discharged.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine   This group locates usable leftover food and matches the food with local shelters.

Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce

RedRover  This group helps to raise awareness about the need for pet friendly domestic violence shelters across the country, additionally they work to provide care for animals in disaster situations.  Hopewell Animal Hospital is proud to be a part of the Purple Leash Project

For Cats Only

American Association of Feline Practitioners  This is the website for all things cats.

Food Puzzles for Cats   A great site that will teach you how to make food puzzles for cats. A great way to lose weight and have fun.

Feline Friendly Practice   This site has lots of great information on cat diseases, introducing new cats to the household and a plethora of other topics.

Shop Online

Hills To Home Are you currently using Hills products including Science Diet, Prescription diet, or Healthy Advantage?   Hopewell Animal Hospital has partnered with Hills to provide you the ability to purchase food directly from Hills, no middle man, no food sitting in storage and lower cost to you.  Our prices are set up to be the same as the online retailers with 1 major exception:  Unlike other online retailers, we are able to offer you a 30% discount on your first autoship and then continued discounts.  There is no minimum for free shipping and unlike the other guys you will not be inundated with advertisements.  With this program your trusted veterinarian sets up and will monitor your pets dietary plan, you will interact directly with Hills for payment and to arrange free shipping.   Returns are also handled directly with Hills, as with all Hills products, the food is guaranteed 100%

Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct We have partnered with Purina to be able to provide our clients with Purina products – prescription food or their regular line such as ProPlan, Friskies, etc, sent to your home directly from Purina at a discount. Sign up as a new client and use the code U6ZI5 for our hospital! These prices will be lower than Chewy and other online retailers.  Because the food is directly from the manufacturer, the food will not be sitting in a warehouse and will be fresher.  Purina also will offer discounts from time to time but does have discounts for autoship purchases.  Purina also backs up the food with a palatability guarantee.  The best part, free shipping no matter what size the purchase. If you order any non prescription products including Forti Flora, they will send them directly to you, if you order a prescription diet they will contact us for authorization.

Online Pharmacy   Local care with online convenience.

Zoetis Petcare Rewards Program  Recently, we teamed up with Zoetis to offer a Petcare Rewards Program.  This very simple, user friendly rebate system allows you to save money on many of the products you may be using.