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Low Stress Handling

Hopewell Animal Hospital is very excited to begin the journey to have our hospital certified as a Low Stress Handling Hospital.  This certification signifies that the professionals caring for your pet have learned scientifically-based techniques to reduce stress in animals. They know how to hold a leash, offer treats, and reward animals to encourage them to willingly accept medical treatment. Force and struggle is no longer present and the person understands why this is so important for you, your pet(s), and their staff. How is the care experience different? Now only one handler will guide your pet who willingly gets on the scale or examination table for care. Scratches, hissing, and growling are a thing of the past. Proper approach and touch can reduce the need for sedation medication in the office and at home.

What is the benefit of Low Stress Handling™ for my pet?

  •  The staff will recognize any stress early and take steps to reduce that fear through rewards, alternative handling techniques based on understanding the approach, and positioning that reduces stress or pain.
  • Rewards such as treats, petting, or a happy voice are used according to what helps your pet be less upset.
  • Pain relief is used early and careful consideration for use of table pads, towels, and special holds that decrease struggling.
  • Changes you don’t see that matter: • Lower lighting • Separation of dogs and cats in the waiting area • Comfortable cages • Use of pheromones and other aids to reduce stress.

In order to become certified, each staff member will undergo 17.5 hours of training and pass multiple examinations on their way to completion.  Additionally, our practice will constantly reinforce learning and be able to provide you and your pet with the resources to make a trip to the veterinary hospital more enjoyable.

Our Currently certified staff includes:

Dr. Kim Buchanan

Dr, Jerry Scheck

Dr. Brooke Williams

Dana Arbusto LVT

Brianna Muller LVT

Laura Schnecke LVT

Allison Adams LVT