• Oct 22 2020

    Veterinary Technicans

    The Role of the Veterinary Technician A.K.A the Veterinary Nurse   Just last week we celebrated Veterinary Technician Week.  We want to use this column to give you some insight…

  • Sep 19 2020

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    Behavior Changes and Covid

    Our pets during COVID It’s easy to see, everywhere around us, the effects of our current pandemic on humans. Practically every emotion from depression, to anger, to hopeful- or hopeless-ness….

  • Mar 23 2020

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    I’m sitting in my office, looking outside at the beautiful weather, of course this was on Saturday and Sunday before the snow on Monday, and I think to myself it…

  • Dec 05 2019

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    No Kill Shelters – Are they increasing animal suffering?

    No Kill Shelters– It is not all roses.   So let’s take a look at animal shelters. They can be public or private, kill or no kill.  I personally am…

  • Nov 07 2019

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    We really need a law for that ?

    Mahatma Gandhi     Today, in the New York Times  is an article that describes how the  Senate unanimously passed a bill that would make the torture of animals a…

  • Oct 04 2019

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    Let’s Talk Ticks

    With the approach of the cooler weather we thought it would be appropriate to discuss ticks and tick prevention.  Everyone that lives in the Hudson Valley is aware of ticks…

  • Aug 29 2019

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

      In this edition of our blog we will begin our look at Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine(TCVM).  TCVM, in a nutshell, is a system of diagnosis and treatment that relies…

  • Jul 17 2019

    Quality of Life Part 5: The process of euthanasia

      In the past blog posts, we have examined determining quality of life (QoL) and trying to improve it.  Unfortunately, there are times when we are unable to help our…

  • May 29 2019

    Quality of Life Part 4

        In previous posts we have looked at determining quality of life (QoL)  and improving quality of life, in this post we will examine some of the emotional issues…

  • May 12 2019

    Quality of Life Part 3

    So far we have tried to define Quality of Life (QoL) and we have looked at some scales to help us evaluate QoL, this post we will examine improving QoL. …