New Walking Trails at Hopewell Animal Hospital

By February 7, 2023 February 20th, 2023 Our Office

At the end of our parking lot, we have about 1.5 acres of property that we have always wanted to maintain as natural.  We have left this area for the local wildlife to have a place to rest and protect the animals from Rt 52.

Recently we have started to put some trails in this area for clients who are waiting to walk their dogs (and cats), take a break in nature and just relax while your pet is having a procedure.  In the future, this trail can become something of a memorial path as well where clients can place a marker or statue in honor/memory of a beloved pet.

To get the to the trail, go to the end of our parking lot and you will see the trail head there.  Don’t worry you really can’t get lost back there and oh yeah- please pick up after your pet!!  Enjoy.

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